Germany is the best country for saving money. Find out why here

You might find it hard to believe given that Germans love bureaucracy, however Germany is one of the best countries in the world for saving money. The key reason for this is that they make the switching process extremely simple and painless which helps remove the mental barrier for switching supplier and makes it easier for you to save money.

Do not be scared of changing your supplier

The ease of switching supplier (for electricity, mobile, internet etc) in Germany is key because the hardest thing that needs to happen in order to save money in Germany on key products is fighting laziness and finding the time to complete the process. A lot of the time people think switching supplier will be difficult to do because you need to contact your existing supplier before switching. This can be a lot harder than it sounds because you will need to either wait on the phone to speak to someone to cancel or you may have to write a cancellation letter to the service provider. This can be very difficult to do especially if you do not speak German well or find it difficult to read the German cancellation forms.

Switching is easy as your new supplier completes the switch for you

However, there is one key benefit of being in Germany that makes switching and saving money EASY. This main benefit is that your new supplier will take care of cancelling your current contract. This is very important because as mentioned it can be very difficult to cancel a contract yourself if you do not speak the language well. In most other countries you would have to contact the old supplier yourself to cancel the contract. However we are very lucky that in Germany the new provider will do this all for you.

Switch and save yourself hundreds of Euros

As this makes switching providers easy, it means you can benefit from some of the key positives of switching to a new company such as:

  • Move on to a cheaper tariff. E.g. see our guide on switching Electricity suppliers where we show you how to save over €400
  • Benefit from sign on bonuses
  • Move to a better quality product (e.g. faster internet)

Extracts from our switching guide to show you how easy it is to save

To highlight how easy it is to change suppliers we show you below pictures from our Translated Buying Guides for Eprimo (Electricity). The section we highlight includes a small section where Eprimo ask about your old supplier and show they will take care of cancelling your current contract for you.


So if you want to save money on any other products then see our menu bar at the top for the other products we help you with.


Eprimo switching guide for electricity