Why Germany is the worst country for saving money

We recently highlighted how Germany is the best country for saving money due to the ease of switching utility providers, however in this post we highlight some of the problems in Germany. The hardest part about saving money in Germany is actually knowing how much internet, mobile, electricity etc costs. In this article we run through the main tactics used by companies and we show you our pricing tables which helps you compare these offers fairly. 

German utility providers make it hard for you to compare prices

The biggest problem with saving money in Germany is that a lot of companies have made it very difficult to calculate how much a product/service costs on average per month. A lot of companies will use tactics such as:

  • Providing short term low rates at the start of a new contract
  • Different prices (usually higher) in the last few months of your contract
  • Using sign on bonuses
  • Differing installation costs


This we feel is the biggest problem in the German market for people trying to get a good deal. Without being able to compare prices against products it is very difficult for people to make an informed decision.

We help you compare utility prices in Germany

However, to help you better compare offers we have done the hard work for you by calculating the average price for products such as internet, electricity and mobile where these tactics are used the most.


Broadband internet in Germany is a great example of companies hiding true pricing

Two of the most popular internet providers in Germany are 1&1 and o2. If you see below, each company uses different price charges for different months, different sign on bonuses and different one off costs. As you can see, 1&1 charges a lower rate of €16.99 for 12 months vs o2 which charges €14.99 for 3 months. However despite this, o2 on average is still much cheaper than 1&1 because you receive a €100 one off bonus for signing up which 1&1 does not offer.

To compare each service would be very difficult to do without taking the time out to do the maths and needing a calculator.

Choose Your Plan
  •    Speed
  •    Data cap
  •    Phase I price
  •    Phase II price
  •    Phase III price
  •    Modem postage fee
  •    Modem rental charge
  •    Starting bonus credit
  •    One off charges
  •    Average price over 24 months

1&1 DSL 50

30.4/ month
30.4/ month
  • 50mb/s
  • Unlimited
  • €16.99 for 12 months
  • €31.99 for 12 months
  • -
  • €9.99
  • €2.99 per month
  • -
  • €59.99
  • €30.40

O2 DSL All-In L

26.86/ month
26.86/ month
  • 50mb/s
  • 300gb cap per month
  • €14.99 for 3 months
  • €29.99 for 9 months
  • €34.99 for 12 months
  • €9.99
  • -
  • €100
  • -
  • €26.86


We have found the best deals in Germany for you

Please visit our more detailed page on internet providers in Germany for more details of internet in Germany. Also it is important to note that our aim on this website has been to do the hard work for you in terms of calculating the average cost of each service, we have also helped in terms of finding the best value deals in the market. So, please go to our summary pages where we highlight some of the following deals:

  • Electricity – Here we highlight a deal that will save you around €400 a year
  • Internet – We highlight a deal with o2 which delivers you 50mb broadband for only €27 a month on average.
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