Travel insurance in Germany

Travel insurance in Germany can be difficult to buy because several policies are needed in order to be fully covered. However we highlight a cheap offer which covers German residents in one complete package.

Travel insurance in Germany is not that straightforward

Travel insurance in Germany works very differently compared to other countries. Travel insurance is divided up into separate policies which you must purchase individually. So for instance, there are separate insurance policies for the following:

  • Travel health insurance (e.g. if you have an accident abroad)
  • Travel cancellation insurance (if you become ill and have to cancel a holiday)
  • Ski insurance

This makes buying travel insurance very time consuming and relatively difficult given that you need to complete several applications all in German. Also if you have recently moved to Germany and have travel insurance from your previous country, then this will not be valid because you need travel insurance that covers you in the country you are resident in (i.e. Germany).

WorldwideInsure provides a complete travel insurance package at a good price

However, our search of the market has found WorldwideInsure to be in our view the best in the market. This is because:

  • Provide a full travel insurance package which does not require separate purchases,
  • Extremely competitive on price
  • The website is in English and the policy documents are in English so you can be sure of what you are buying.
  • Fully covers residents of Germany (just select you are a resident here when getting a quote).

Policy overview – save money and choose the cheaper standard tariff

The table below provides a price overview for a single person below the age of 50. This is also an annual policy just for Europe, although we provide the price for worldwide travel at the bottom of the table too.


Our preferred travel insurance option is the cheaper ‘Standard’ tariff. Our view is that you should not feel forced into getting a more expensive travel policy to get greater protection. We note that the Association of British Insurers stated that the average medical insurance claim in 2013 was only £930. Far less than even the £2,500,000 coverage under the ‘Standard’ tariff stated below.


Insurance plan
  •    Maximum trip in days
  •    Maximum wintersport days
  •    Medical expenses covered
  •    Cancellation cover
  •    Worldwide insurance cost


43Europe only
43Europe only
  • 31
  • 10
  • £2,500,000
  • £1,500
  • €81


104Europe only
104Europe only
  • 45
  • 21
  • £5,000,000
  • £2,500
  • €158


163Europe only
163Europe only
  • 62
  • 31
  • £10,000,000
  • £5,000
  • €240


Other Key travel insurance advice for saving money

  • Although it maybe tempting to wait to buy your travel insurance just before you go on holiday you should avoid doing this. This is because travel insurance will also cover you for cancellation before you go on the trip but you need to buy this in advance!
  • If you are going to have at least two trips abroad it will likely be cheaper to use an annual policy.